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SamGregImmortal AdminFIB Dir.Fire ChiefNOOSEo posted Jul 19, 14
On behalf of all officials and congressmen, we welcome you to our GTA role play clan. Our goal is to engage all of our members in a realistic role play where everyone can get immersed in a second life in San Andreas. Our clan strives for excellence and realism in all of our role plays. We have a 1st response division, organized crime, as well as the option of running businesses. Our clan exemplifies all of the great qualities of a police and life role play clan. There are a lot of opportunities in our clan and advancement is always available within our super-organized hierarchy. We take maturity, respect and our roles within the clan very seriously. We have plans on making movies and a game series on YouTube with a variety of scenarios.  
We always welcome good ideas and good times and if you need any help or have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

We look forward to playing with you.

Thanks to GtxRyanx51 for the graphic.

--Now let's get out there and experience San Andreas--

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